Pastor Breanna illÉnÉ


Breanna Illéné is a homegrown Wisconsinite. She was born in the northwoods of Chippewa Falls, WI. After making a tour of the midwest, living in Moorhead, MN and Chicago, IL, she has finally settled in Madison. She attended Loyola University-Chicago where she earned a MA in Social Justice, Garrett-Theological Seminary for a MA in Christian Education, and is currently working on her Mdiv through Iliff School of Theology in Denver, CO. Her passions are community outreach and social justice and so you'll often find her plotting with friends at local non-profits over a cup of coffee. In her spare time, she likes to travel, kayak, bike, and eat food from all over the world. 


MUsic director Erin Johnsrud

Erin started playing piano as soon as she could be trusted to not fall off the bench too much and graduated to organ at about age 20, once she was finally tall enough to reach the pedals. She started serving as a choir accompanist in college and has served in many different capacities since, always striving to glorify God (and not hit too many wrong notes). She has a B.A. in Mathematics from Beloit College, where she also studied organ. She currently works a day job in finance and lives in Fitchburg with her husband, Rob. 


Kris Hallisy is also a homegrown Wisconsinite from the real northwoods (Antigo, WI). She attended UW–Madison on a basketball scholarship graduating with a BS degree in Physical Therapy (1984). Dr. Hallisy is an Assistant Professor in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program (1997-present) at UW–Madison. She is a musculoskeletal PT specialist that believes true health and wellness includes balancing the mind, body, and spirit and bringing the miracle of mindfulness into everyday life. She serves as Trinity’s Lay Leader, LGBTQ representative to the Madison area Reconciling Ministry Network, and is on Trinity’s Administrative Council. Her passions are caring for the earth, making work more like play, and generally trying to be a child at heart.

Treasurer Dave jahr

Dave Jahr is the wonderful volunteer who handles the church bills, etc. He says he is from the real real northwoods of Duluth, MN. When he's not volunteering in the church office, you will find him out on the golf course or cooking delicious food. He says that he is highly opinionated and is fascinated by other people.