We gather each week to engage in worship together as a community. Our worship services reflect our community and involve leadership from a wide variety of people. You may walk through the doors and experience music led by a dixie band, irish flutes, a choir, African drums, or a bluesgrass band. Despite the variety, worship usually hold a similar order.

We Gather

  • We gather together with music. We love a range of music and so sometimes sing global songs, more contemporary hymns, contemplative Taizé songs, or traditional favorites with the organ.

  • We "pass the peace" each week. This is an opportunity to greet each other and this sometimes goes on for some time. It's a great time to introduce yourself to someone new or check in with a new friend.

  • We share announcements about what is happening in our community throughout the week. This is a great moment to listen up for an opportunity to get more deeply connected through other activities

we proclaim

  • Each week the children take a "noisy offering" of change for a community partner that changes quarterly. Make sure to bring some change to go towards mission.

  • We have a children's message that children (and children at heart) are welcome to join.

  • During the 2-5th Sundays of the month, children are dismissed at this time to go downstairs to engage in a Sunday School lesson through a curriculum called "Godly Play".

  • We read scripture every week. Sometimes we follow a set of assigned readings from the lectionary, other times scriptures are related to a sermon series.

  • Sometimes we creatively engage the scripture through skits, special readings, poetry, or more.

  • Sermons usually last 10-15 minutes and are a time to unpack the scripture. Sometimes they are interactive and involve asking the congregation questions or small group discussion.

we respond

  • Sometimes, following the sermon there will be an activity to respond to what we have just heard. It may be writing a prayer and putting it on the alter, creating a piece of art, or touching water to remember our baptisms.

  • Most weeks we share "joys & concerns". This is a time for people to share what is going on in their lives and lift them up in prayer. Anyone is welcome to share.

  • We give an offering to help support the mission and ministry of the church. As a guest, your offering if your presence, we don't expect you to give money.

  • At least once a month (though sometimes more often), on the first Sunday of the month, we celebrate Holy Communion where we receive bread and grape juice in rememberance of Jesus' love and grace. Our table is open to all people, including children of any age, you need not be a member of this or any church to participate.

we go forth

  • We close with music and a blessing.

  •  Following the worship service, we head downstairs for a time of fellowship over coffee and snacks. Sometimes fellowship time includes a potluck or other special treats such as King Cakes for Mardi Gras, waffles, or ice cream sundaes. Everyone is welcome to join.

  • On the 2nd Sunday of the month, a short service activity is planned as a way to help us Serve God and our Community together.