Prevent the Penguins, Fix the Furnace!


It's getting chilly outside, and it's safe to say winter is coming to Madison! We hate to say it, but Trinity UMC could become an attractive place for penguins! Why? Because we have a building heating problem.

In 2005, as a part of our building heating project, Trinity purchased 3 boilers. Last winter one of them failed and we limped through the rest of the cold weather on two. But we cannot do this again. We have also been informed that the two functioning boilers have reached their useful lifespan and could fail at anytime.

Out trustees have engaged the services of Hillestad Heating and Cooling Inc to fix the furnace. Our plan is to replace the three faulty units with two of higher quality. 

The total cost of this project is $19,900 and we are aiming to raise $20,000. Trinity is a home of hospitality and a resource to many groups and people in our community and so it is important we take good care of it.

Help us Prevent the Penguins and Fix the Furnace!

Checks can be mailed to 1123 Vilas Ave, Madison, WI 53715 or click below to make a donation